Breach - It's me god 2xLP Testpress

It took me an age to do that, dunno why. Bow to Pierre Johansson once again.
2 coloured, handscreened and handmade covers.

Breach - It's me god
testpress ltd 31

btw: Since it's 2017 and soon it will be 2018... I made an instagram account, if you are into that.
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And last but not least: Death Engine from Lorient, France will be back on track in spring 2018 with a new album entitled »Place Noire«, released through yours truly, Apocaplexy and Throatruiner Records. They will also hit the road for touring in UK and Central Europe in April/May 2018.


Breach - It's me god 2xLP

It's me god

The circle is now completed: Apocaplexy lastly releases Breach's 2nd full length 'It's me god' (1997) on vinyl. The one where the magic started to happen. I still know the moment when I discovered Breach: At a certain time, I began to check out some samplers to discover some "new" bands, and at some point, I was listening to that 'Cheap Shots III' Sampler of Burning Heart. My lameness got immediately healed, when 'Replenish The Empty' started to play. I felt like I found a diamond in the mud, a beast within a big bunch of Melodypunk, for which Burning Heart mostly stood for.
I fell in love with that band this very second.

Like 'Venom', 'It's me god' will be availabe again on vinyl for the first time within 17 years (the edition on Trust No One Recordings came out 1999). Again licensed by Epitaph Europe, remastered by Karl Daniel Lidén, cut on 45rpm, pressed on 180g vinyl and with a newly designed LP artwork by Pierre Johansson, which is printed full colour, silver ink & UV spot lacquer on heavy gatefold jackets.

According to the bands wish, there will be no further re-releases. No use in asking for 'Friction', 'Outlines', 'EP Collection' or something else.
Thank you.

pressing info:
100 clear sold out / not available
400 black


Terra Tenebrosa - The Purging 2xLP Reissue

I repressed 'The Purging' of Terra Tenebrosa, but to be correct: it's actually a reissue. Like I did it with Kollapse, I switched the pressing plant with this record, but somehow the plates got lost and the beast needed a new cut.
15 Testpressing have been made and their covers need some time, you know the deal. But anyway, again 500 copies on black vinyl available now.

Terra Tenebrosa - The Purging
reissue ltd 500


Breach - Venom 2xLP Testpress

I owe Pierre Johansson a life for all the Breach, the Terra Tenebrosa V.I.T.R.I.O.L. and the Planks/Lentic Waters Split designs. The Venom 2xLP testpress comes around with another awesome design, 3 coloured, handscreened handmade covers.

Breach - Venom
testpress ltd 30


Terra Tenebrosa - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels LP Testpress

The testpress covers for Terra Tenebrosa - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels LP are ready.
15 copies on 450g cardboard, handscreened with copper ink, artwork by Pierre Johansson.

Terra Tenebrosa - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - Purging The Tunnels
testpress ltd 15


Breach - Kollapse 2xLP Repress Testpress

Since I had to switch pressing plants for the repress of Breach - Kollapse 2xLP, I was in need to do new testpressings and here we go w/ the special covers (handscreened on 450g cardboard) for them. I'm quite slow nowadays, but that's okay.

Breach - Kollapse Repress
testpress ltd 12


Death Engine - Mud Testpress & October Tour


The testpress covers are finished and they turned out really nice. Artwork (once again, master): Hugues/PZZL - thank you.

Handscreened and -glued 450g Covers with a 3mm spine.

Death Engine will hit the road again in october for their MUD tour pt. 2, together with Mont-Doré.

At the moment, the rough schedule looks like this:
10/02 | Rouen FR
10/03 | Mons BE
10/04 | BE, NL, DE Need help
10/05 | Hamburg DE @ Rote Flora
10/06 | Copenhagen DK
10/07 | Odense DK tba.
10/08 | Bielefeld DE @ Potemkin
10/09 | Alken BE
10/10 | Paris FR


online shop closing

Hey Folks,

the online shop is closed from tomorrow on till end of july for a cause. In the meanwhile spend some money for your loved ones. Terra Tenebrosa - The Purging 2xLP is long sold out now and will be repressed in August.

Thanks and take care.


Mud on delay

Due to some unfortunate circumstances with the pressing plant, the vinyl version of DEATH ENGINE's 'Mud' won't be available until ten days. The record will now come with an additional 7" featuring an exclusive bonus track. The CD version is already available and ready to ship. All apologizes for this unforeseen delay. Be clever and catch the band on tour and grab your copy there!

you can still preorder here:
release date: March 2, 2015 + 10 days

DEATH ENGINE | MUD TOUR Facebook Eventpage


preorder: Death Engine - Mud LP

Mud LP

The debut full-length from DEATH ENGINE is now up for preorder and free download. The record comes on 180 gram vinyl (100x ultraclear & 400x black) and is housed in a heavy jacket with inside-out print. This is a co-release with Throatruiner Records from France. All orders will ship before March 2nd.

Following the release of their abrasive debut EP 'Amen', DEATH ENGINE made a brutal entrance in 2013 with a couple of European tours – a string of infernal outbreaks that have little in common with your average live show. The now four-piece from Lorient, France spent most of 2014 working on their debut album 'Mud', which was once again recorded by Amaury Sauvé at La Senelle and mastered by Sylvain Biguet.

Behind their ascetic, less-is-more work ethic, DEATH ENGINE's sound remains evasive – oscillating between dark, desperate noise rock and metallic downpours of petrifying violence, bleak shoegazing guitar work and gigantic industrial dirges, cathartic climaxes and merciless tribal-ritual rhythms that could last forever. 'Mud' features seven new tracks that deliver the coup de grâce, exploring new fields while still pushing the band’s trademark visceral tension to unreachable highs.

pressing info:
100 clear
400 black

preorder here:
release date: March 2, 2015

DEATH ENGINE | MUD TOUR Facebook Eventpage